Why Clean Windows Are Essential to Safe Driving

Image of vehicle being towed by a Mundie's tow truck

There are many factors that contribute to safe driving; however, keeping your windows clean is one of the most essential practices. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of vehicular cleaning and maintenance. And it’s not just for aesthetic reasons – although a dirty window is a sure-fire way to have a stranger scribble “wash me” in the … Read More

How To Avoid Distracted Drivers – and Not Be One Yourself

Image of Mundie's heavy duty tow truck

These days, it’s so easy to get distracted while driving – from fiddling with the radio and navigation to fixing your makeup, fluffing your hair, or squeezing in a 3-course meal, there’s an endless number of distractions available. However, out of all the sources of distracted driving, cell phones are one of the worst culprits. Unfortunately, there are many drivers … Read More

Tips to Help You Become a More Defensive Driver in the Rain

Mundie's tow truck in the rain

No matter how demanding the job is, our towing company is always pleased to lend a helping hand – and truck – when someone is in need. However, working as a tow truck driver is no easy feat. There are many challenges that come with the role, and it can be tough to handle them all. Whether it be the … Read More

The 5 Hardest Parts of a Tow Truck Driver’s Job

Image of Mundie's tow truck

Tow truck drivers around the world are crucial to maintaining road safety. Acquiring the proper training, licensing, and certifications to do their job safely and efficiently, a towing company provides a variety of roadside services to motorists in need. From motorcyclists to big rig drivers, the jobs are consistently changing. While our technicians at Mundie’s Towing & Recovery are equipped … Read More

3 Reasons Not to Stare When Driving Past a Car Accident

Image of Mundie's tow truck recovering a vehicle from an accident

Accidents happen. Millions of people drive every day and that opens the door for collisions to occur. From reckless driving to a flat tire, unfortunate roadside incidents happen all the time. But say you’re not involved in the collision directly, is there a responsible way to handle the situation as a passing driver? Picture this: you’re cruising down the road, … Read More

6 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage and Save Money

Image of a heavy-duty Mundie's tow truck parked

Who doesn’t want to save a little extra cash? Fuel costs are a hefty investment for any driver and if you’re in the majority, those weekly top ups at the gas station may have you looking for ways to preserve fuel. Luckily, you don’t need to switch to a hybrid vehicle or invest in high-end fuel to save money. There … Read More

10 Tips to Avoid Car Collisions with Wildlife in BC

image of heavy-duty tow truck with farm machinery

Coming across wildlife on the road can be dangerous and scary. Especially when travelling on the highways throughout British Columbia, drivers need to be highly aware of their surroundings. Like people, animals have places to be and faces to see – even if they’re exclusively furry ones. However, unlike (most) people, they don’t like to adhere to our rules of … Read More

Top 5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

Image of car being towed

Have you ever hopped into the cab of your car and switched the ignition, only to be left with a stalling engine? Well, you’re not alone. Like all types of machinery, cars are unpredictable. One day you’re cruising down the highway, the next you’re stuck bewildered in your driveway, completely stagnant. While you may take a few seconds to curse … Read More

5 Common Causes of Roadside Assistance For Big Rig Trucks

Image of Mundies truck towing large equipment

Big rig trucks are incredibly large and powerful, making them one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Due to their size and the long distances they need to travel, they’re prone to the occasional auto issue. Depending on the truck’s age, the driving conditions, and the weight of the vehicle’s load, large trucks are susceptible to breakdowns. Therefore, … Read More

When to Call Roadside Assistance vs Handling It Yourself

Image of Mundies Tow Truck towing a car

Car troubles are rarely fun. However, with the proper knowledge and tools, they can be made a lot less stressful. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to feel uncertain about your next steps. While it’s always a good idea to call a towing company for roadside assistance, you may be tempted to repair your vehicle yourself. While this … Read More