How We Maintain Our Tow Trucks at Mundie’s

visual image of Mundie's tow truck

Towing requires an extremely high degree of responsibility. People’s lives, cars, and sometimes livelihoods are dependent on and impacted by our services. As such, the maintenance of our vehicle fleets is of the utmost importance to us and not something we take lightly. A mishap with one of our vehicles due to improper maintenance can have dire consequences. Therefore, our towing company is vigilant when it comes to maintaining our fleets.

Maintaining a fleet of trucks is not nearly as easy as other vehicles. Tow trucks require a specialized expert in order to be properly taken care of. All tow trucks at all locations are regularly examined by a fleet inspection officer. That, and all of our drivers have been taught to keep their eye out for any problems that might impact the tow truck while in service.

Below we’ve listed the steps our experts take to ensure our trucks are in top condition and working smoothly.

1. We check our tires regularly

Because tow trucks carry such a heavy load, it’s vital that all our tires have a proper inflation level and load rating when driven. As a towing company, we check our tire pressure periodically to ensure it’s safe to bear almost any type of weight. All tires are inflated to the max cold pressure listed on the side of each tire and all tires are chosen specifically for towing heavy loads.

That, and we check tire traction capacity to ensure safe driving in any condition. All tires are either 10 Ply or Load Range E tires and each tire is able to carry up to 3000lbs. If any problem is found, we attend to it before the truck goes back on the road. In case of an emergency, all of our drivers keep a spare tire on hand.

2. We maintain all lights

A towing company that isn’t on top of their light maintenance is not a towing company you want handling your car. At Mundie’s Towing, we stay on top of all of our tow truck’s lights through scheduled preventative maintenance. All headlights, turn signals, taillights, or license plate lights are quickly replaced if found to be not working or are close to burning out. No tow truck is allowed back on the road unless all lights are working perfectly. A tow truck with strong headlights and indicators is a must for a safe drive. This protects not only others on the road, but the goods the truck is carrying, too.

3. We coach our drivers

At Mundie’s, we make sure to coach our drivers to drive as efficiently as possible in order to avoid accidents. We also teach our drivers how to maintain their own vehicle while on the road. For example, frequently checking their tread and tire pressure. We don’t just expect a high degree of attention from all our drivers. A mechanical understanding of the truck is also an asset for our drivers to be safe on the road.

4. We check brakes and suspension

A car that won’t stop can be potentially life-threatening. Before any of our tow trucks head out on the road, their brakes and suspension are checked by a professional. Because all of our tow trucks are carrying a great deal of extra weight, this step is non-negotiable. All brakes are checked regularly in order to be ready for any excursion.

Suspension is checked regularly by our experts and maintained by drivers. If something feels off and the tow truck is feeling bouncier or drifting while driving, our tow truck is taken off the road. Our fleet of trucks does not go back on the road until all brakes and suspension systems are in perfect working order.

5. We plan ahead

With our towing company, prevention is always better than a quick fix. We maintain the belief that an abundance of caution is always better than a problem to be solved. By adhering to a strict schedule of preventative maintenance and regular check-ups, we stay on top of problems before they arise. We can confidently say that all of our trucks are in proper working condition because they’ve been recently and thoroughly checked by either a driver, a fleet inspector, or both.