Most Common Roadside Emergencies in Vancouver & How to Avoid Them

Image of car being towed by Mundie's vehicle

We all know how stressful it is if your car breaks down, especially on the busy Vancouver highways. Not all of us are prepared to deal with an emergency, but having preventative tips makes things a lot smoother. Common roadside emergencies are easy to navigate, or avoid altogether, if you’re prepared! We have all heard the horror stories of calling … Read More

What to Do When You Take Your Car Out of Storage

Image of Mundie's truck

There is nothing better than putting on some good music and driving down a scenic route with the wind in your hair. Taking your car out of a long period of slumber is exciting but involves some minor tasks to ensure your own safety, and the safety of the car, during those sweet cinematic joyrides.  To ensure you don’t need … Read More