Our Fleet

With over 40 years of towing experience, we make it a priority for our customers to always have industry-leading equipment. Our trucks are well maintained and ready to complete any job, no matter the size. We have a diverse fleet of over 30 units to serve any need required, ranging from light duty one-tons to our massive landoll. Mundie’s takes pride in providing our customers with high-quality service using top-of-the-line tow trucks.

Types of Tow Trucks

Light-Duty Tow Trucks

We have multiple units for towing cars or pickup trucks from breakdowns or collisions. Our underground trucks can also fit into low clearance areas and all units are equipped for winching out and recovering vehicles.

Medium-Duty Tow Trucks

Our medium-duty trucks easily tow any kind of motorhome or bus, as well as larger vans. They're also equipped to winch out larger units.

Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

Mundie’s has state-of-the-art tandems that are used for towing and recovering large units, such as semi and dump trucks, highway buses, and performing the most complex recoveries.

Flatdeck Tow Trucks

These units are very popular for hauling exotic cars, motorcycles, and speciality vehicles. Additionally, they can tow two vehicles at a time and easily tow small forklifts, scissorlifts and miscellaneous equipment.

Landoll Trailers

Our versatile landoll trailer can haul all types of equipment such as excavators, loaders or boomlifts. It's used for buses and can even carry multiple smaller units at the same time.