Tips to Help You Become a More Defensive Driver in the Rain

Mundie's tow truck in the rain

No matter how demanding the job is, our towing company is always pleased to lend a helping hand – and truck – when someone is in need. However, working as a tow truck driver is no easy feat. There are many challenges that come with the role, and it can be tough to handle them all. Whether it be the … Read More

The 5 Hardest Parts of a Tow Truck Driver’s Job

Image of Mundie's tow truck

Tow truck drivers around the world are crucial to maintaining road safety. Acquiring the proper training, licensing, and certifications to do their job safely and efficiently, a towing company provides a variety of roadside services to motorists in need. From motorcyclists to big rig drivers, the jobs are consistently changing. While our technicians at Mundie’s Towing & Recovery are equipped … Read More