The 5 Hardest Parts of a Tow Truck Driver’s Job

Image of Mundie's tow truck

Tow truck drivers around the world are crucial to maintaining road safety. Acquiring the proper training, licensing, and certifications to do their job safely and efficiently, a towing company provides a variety of roadside services to motorists in need. From motorcyclists to big rig drivers, the jobs are consistently changing. While our technicians at Mundie’s Towing & Recovery are equipped with the knowledge and experience to act accordingly in unanticipated situations, it doesn’t mean the job lacks difficulty. While every occupation carries its own set of risks, being a tow truck driver in Vancouver can be particularly dangerous.

Here are the 5 hardest parts of a tow truck driver’s job:

1.    Other Drivers

It’s rare that a vehicle breaks down in a convenient spot; however, no matter the predicament, a tow truck company needs to come prepared for it all. Oftentimes, tow truck technicians must work on the side or middle of busy roadways – despite the current flow of traffic. This leads to drivers zooming through a towing scene at high speeds, with little distance kept between the tow truck, the driver, and the vehicle being towed. This increases the chances of motorists hitting the people on the scene and could even result in a deadly accident. This risk is especially prevalent at night when visibility is low, and attentiveness is down. To help mitigate the risks, our tow truck drivers take several precautions to be as visible as possible. Using flares, wearing reflective gear and bright colours, and using cones to section off work areas can help protect our technicians. With that said, should you see a tow truck on the side of the road, please proceed with caution for the sake of everyone involved.

2.    Risky Surroundings

More times than not, vehicles break down in precarious places, resulting in emergency level responses. Whether it be on a narrow lane, in difficult terrain, or simply a high traffic area, the surroundings can pose a great threat to a towing company. But our drivers always come prepared with the necessary equipment and expertise to find their way through the most difficult environments.

3.    Distractions

How often does your mind wander while you’re driving? Now, imagine you’re a tow truck driver operating vehicles day in and day out. While the training our drivers undergo make them less susceptible to distractions, they’re only human after all. Remaining focused and self-aware 100% of the time is definitely a challenge many tow truck drivers face. However, they always do their best to keep potential distractions to a minimum and abide by distracted driving laws.

4.    Route Navigation

As we said before, vehicles love to break down in the most inconvenient areas. Navigating twisting roads, narrow lanes, potholes, and traffic is a tricky task for most motorists. Now, put that driver in a heavy-duty tow truck and the difficulty is tenfold. Aside from the typical hazards most drivers face, one of the toughest aspects of running a towing company in Vancouver is knowing how to get places quickly and safely. Our towing technicians quickly develop route familiarity that helps them navigate efficiently, but in a city as busy as ours, accidents, closures, and constructions can’t always be accounted for.

5.    Poor Weather Conditions

Driving in bad weather is never fun. When a driver is operating a tow truck that’s lugging an additional car behind them, the stress increases even further. Not only do our driver’s need to worry about their own truck and load, but they’re also keeping a close eye out for incoming debris and traffic that could pose a threat to them or other drivers. Maintaining safety on the road is of the utmost importance to a towing company, however, bad weather surely makes the task that much trickier.

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