How To Avoid Distracted Drivers – and Not Be One Yourself

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These days, it’s so easy to get distracted while driving – from fiddling with the radio and navigation to fixing your makeup, fluffing your hair, or squeezing in a 3-course meal, there’s an endless number of distractions available. However, out of all the sources of distracted driving, cell phones are one of the worst culprits. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who believe a quick call or minor glance down to check a text won’t hurt. But this couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, around 400 deaths a year are caused by texting and driving in Canada. As a towing company in Vancouver, we witness these types of collisions all the time. And we don’t want you to get caught up in one. So, next time you’re in the driver’s seat and a text comes through, remind yourself that this could be a life-or-death moment. Remember: no one thinks it will happen to them until it does. To help keep you safe and avoid other distracted drivers on the road, here are some tips to help you focus…

1.    Stow Your Phone

Resisting the urge to check your phone is a lot easier when the phone is not in sight. Next time you’re driving, place your phone in the glove box, your bag, or somewhere out of sight to keep your focus where it should be: on the road. You can even turn on your smartphone’s “do not disturb” function to inform people you’re busy and will get back to them when you can.

2.    Resist the Urge to Multitask

This day in age, it feels like every moment demands you do 5 things at once. However, when driving, it’s crucial that you prioritize the task at hand. Rather than eat, apply makeup, or make calls while driving, make time for that before or after your drive. Anything that occupies your mind or vision while driving could lead to a life-threatening collision.

3.    Don’t Distract Others

If you know your friends, family, or colleagues are driving, avoid calling or texting them. It’s important that you prioritize their safety and wellbeing, just as you’d hope they’d do for you. In fact, our towing company in Vancouver has distracted driving policies for our employees. To keep them and other drivers safe, our staff must wait until their fully parked to respond to any work calls, texts, or emails.

4.    Keep Kids and Pets Secure

Kids and pets can be a major form of distraction. And since keeping them at home is obviously not an option for every trip, you can limit the risks and increase everyone’s safety by ensuring they’re strapped in properly. For young children, make sure their car seats are secure and properly installed. For older children, teach them the importance of seatbelts and safe car etiquette. As for pets, a dog darting around the car is a recipe for disaster. So, do your best to keep them secure in one zone of the car, using a seatbelt leash extender or by placing dividers between their zone and yours.

5.    Model Good Behaviour

Teach your kids – or fellow adults – safe car etiquette by setting a good example yourself. Avoid texting, calling, eating, grooming, or getting too caught up in car conversation to focus on driving.

6.    Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

GPS is a modern-day blessing, but it’s not something you want to be fiddling with on the way. Program your destination before you take off or if you have a passenger, request their assistance to keep your attention on driving.

7.    Speak Up

Conflict is rarely fun; however, when it comes to your safety, it’s important to use your voice. If you notice a driver texting or doing something else that’s distracting them while driving, let them know that you’re not comfortable with that behavior. Encourage your friends, family, and children to do the same.

8.    Avoid Reaching

Reaching around while driving is highly dangerous. Not only does it take your eyes off the road, but it also takes your hands off the wheel as well. If you drop an item or want to grab something out of reach, wait till you’re pulled over to do so.

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