5 Tips to Selecting the Best Towing Company in Vancouver

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Although it’s frustrating, everyone has car troubles now and then. When you do, it’s especially important to choose a towing company that has your best interest in mind. Swift and efficient roadside assistance is a must, especially if you’re located in the busy epicenters of Vancouver, New West, or Burnaby. Knowing of a good towing company ahead of time can go a long way in assisting you during a stressful time. Below, we’ve listed our 5 tips for selecting the best towing company in Metro Vancouver:

1. Pricing

Modes of payment vary from company to company; some will require upfront payment whereas others are happy to work with your insurance company. However, what’s most important is that you aren’t being overcharged during an already stressful period of time. Before you agree on a towing company, figure out your budgetary parameters and then ask for a flat fee and transparency regarding any additional costs. Any towing company lacking to do so should be avoided. Knowing how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for is an essential first step in finding a reliable towing company.

Two costs to research ahead of time:
– price-per-kilometre: the rate for transporting a car to the destination you need
– hook-up fee: the price of attaching your vehicle to the tow truck

Additional fees might include towing on holiday, towing off road, towing between provinces, and more. Be sure to ask about these ahead of time in order to stay within budget if possible!

2. Location, location, location!

It’s crucial you find a towing company that’s within relevant proximity to you. Mundie’s Towing has locations across Metro Vancouver—in Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Delta. Wherever your car happens to be, there’s most likely a location of ours close by. Therefore, we can be wherever you are in no time.

Unfortunately, many towing companies in Vancouver will advertise their services in locations far away from where they’re based. Meaning if you’re stranded, you’ll spend far more time waiting for a tow truck to arrive then if you’d found someone who has locations close to where you’re located.

3. Check the ratings and reviews

Customer satisfaction is a very accurate indicator of how well a company follows through with its promises. Not all towing companies are created equally, you can tell this by looking over their ratings and reviews. If a company is rated two stars or less, it’s a pretty safe call to stay away.

That, and reading the reviews! Of course, there are always some unpleasant reviews. However, if the negative reviews are equal to or more than the positive reviews, we recommend you find a different towing company.

4. Do they use flatbed towing?

Although most towing companies have updated their towing techniques, many still use the outdated hook-and-chain towing technique, which can seriously damage your car. If you’re already looking to get your car towed because there’s a problem, you don’t want to accidentally add to it. Especially by getting a tow truck that wrecks your car. When you contact your towing company, be sure to ask them about the method of towing they use to move vehicles. If they mention flatbed towing, you’re in good hands.

5. Are they staying on top of service evolution and versatility?

Assessing the professionalism and education of a towing company is fundamental. If it seems the towing company isn’t aware of an industry shift in practices—such as the movement away from hook-and-chain towing to flatbed towing—or doesn’t offer versatile services like motorcycle transportation, underground towing, or RV towing, you’re going to want to find a different towing provider. You never know what situation you’ll end up in. Finding a towing company that is ready for anything is absolutely necessary.

At Mundie’s Towing, we prioritize quick, versatile, quality service and transparent pricing. Whether your motorcycle, RV, heavy duty vehicle, car, or truck needs towing, we’ll be there fast. If you’re stuck in a parking garage, off-road, or if your car needs a battery boost, or if you’ve been in an accident, we’ve got you covered, 24/7. Choose Mundie’s Towing, we’ll take good care of your vehicle, regardless of where you are or what state your car is in. 

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