5 Common Causes of Roadside Assistance For Big Rig Trucks

Image of Mundies truck towing large equipment

Big rig trucks are incredibly large and powerful, making them one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Due to their size and the long distances they need to travel, they’re prone to the occasional auto issue. Depending on the truck’s age, the driving conditions, and the weight of the vehicle’s load, large trucks are susceptible to breakdowns. Therefore, proper maintenance is crucial in preventing roadside troubles for semi-trucks.

As a towing company with a large, diverse fleet, we’ve assisted many big rig trucks over the years. While breakdowns are rarely fun for any driver, it can be especially stressful when dealing with this type of heavy machinery. As any trucker knows, you’re driving on a tight schedule for long periods of time. To make your most stressful time a little easier, we specialize in towing big machinery.

Preparation is key when it comes to avoiding a breakdown. Here are the most common reasons why big rig trucks need roadside assistance:

Tire Trouble

Issues with car tires is the most common form for roadside assistance and is especially true for big rig trucks. Due to the long trips for extended periods of time, these tires see a lot of travel. Furthermore, the enormous weight of these tires cause them to wear at a quicker pace than the tires on a car. Other than worn down tread, tire failure can happen for multiple reasons including misaligned axles and over- or under-inflation.

Brake Failure

In comparison to other cars on the road, brake failure on big rig trucks is much more common. Since the brakes on these massive trucks are subject to higher levels of friction, pressure, heat, and stress, brake failure is the second leading cause of roadside issues. However, regular maintenance can prevent malfunctioning brakes and maximize your safety during your long, laborious journey. To prevent breaking down, look for these signs of wear on your brakes:

  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Water contamination
  • Air leakages

Brake failure is incredibly scary, especially with this type of machinery. If you experience issues with your brakes, calling a tow truck company is your best bet to safety.

Electrical System Failure

Big rig trucks come with highly complex electrical systems. In addition to their standard electrics that all vehicles have, they also include cranking and charging systems. To prevent electrical failure and protect your safety, these systems require regular maintenance checks. The three main electrical systems include the start motor, alternator, and battery. If you keep these in good health, your truck should be prepared for a long, safe journey.

Cooling System Issues

Many connections are required to run the cooling system of a big rig truck. Therefore, this opens opportunity for a broken connection during transportation, leading to a loss of coolant and issues with the truck’s thermostat. Luckily, this is usually a simple fix that can be repaired relatively quickly. A quick call to your local towing company can get you back up and running in no time.

Looking for a Towing Company in Vancouver?

At Mundie’s Towing and Recovery, we have the experience, tools, and machinery to tow heavy duty trucks throughout Vancouver’s surrounding areas. If your big rig truck needs roadside assistance, our team can provide you with quick and efficient repair and towing services at an affordable price. In times of emergency, contact our trusted team of tow technicians. We promise to make your day a little less stressful.