What if a Towing Company Damages Your Car?

things to protect yourself when a towing company damaged your car

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, is involved in a collision, or needs to be safely transported from point A to B, you’ll likely hire the help of a professional towing company. While there are many towing companies in Vancouver that adhere to lawful practices and procedures to tow your vehicle, sadly, some do not. When towing is done illegally, the quality of tow diminishes greatly.

To best protect your safety and the well-being of your vehicle, it’s important to hire a trusted tow truck company such as Mundie’s Towing and Recovery. With over 50 years of experience in the business, Mundie’s team of well-trained professionals following industry protocols can guarantee the safe transport of your vehicle.

As many professional companies use safe and proper towing practices, the risk of damage being done to your vehicle is quite minute. However, in the unlikely case that damage is done to your vehicle during a tow, it’s best to be prepared for the steps you should take to handle the situation. So, what happens when a towing company damages your car? Here’s what you should do:

If A Tow Truck Damages Your Car

1. Evaluate the Damage

In untrained hands, towing can lead to unnecessary vehicular damage. One of the most common types of damage inflicted by unprofessional towing is done to the bumper of the car. When a car is incorrectly hooked up to the tow truck, your bumper could be damaged due to improper positioning. Other areas at risk are typically the car tires, which all relate to how the car is attached to the tow truck.

Additional damages to look out for are:

  • Dents
  • Deflated tires
  • Scratches to the car’s exterior

2. Document the Damage

Take before and after photos with timestamps to ensure that you have proof of the state of your vehicle was in prior to and following the tow. It’s always a good idea to collect thorough records of any damage that is done to your car. Whether you’re involved in a collision or hiring a third party to transport your vehicle, taking photos of your vehicle’s current state will greatly help your case if any damage is inflicted.

If it can be proved that the damage was caused by the towing company, your case becomes much easier to evaluate and will most likely fall in your favour. Collecting photos alongside documentation of your towing company (licences, registry/ licence plate numbers, etc.), are good to have in any case.

Additionally, if you’re hiring a towing company following a collision, having eyewitness statements will help prove your honesty in the pre-tow state of your vehicle.

Are the Damages Caused by Towing Covered?

Professional towing companies such as Mundie’s Towing and Recovery, take the necessary precautions to ensure the safe transport of your vehicle. This includes evaluating the vehicle’s damage to assess its current state, understanding how to properly hook up your model of vehicle to the tow truck, and storing it safely until it is ready to be reclaimed.

Should personal possessions be missing, or any damage be done when in the hands of the tow truck company, address the tow company directly. Any reputable towing company will take responsibility for damages caused by insufficient towing practices.

You should also reach out to your insurance provider as quickly as you can to inform them of the situation. You’ll need to have the cost of the damages professionally assessed to proceed with the next steps. The majority of collision policies cover damages caused by tow trucks and professional companies such as Mundie’s Towing and Recovery are ready to support you in the unlikely case of damage during transport.

Hire the Best

When selecting a tow truck company in Vancouver, you have many options, however, few have been trusted towers of the BC area for over 50 years. Through attention to detail, high levels of customer support, and superior practices, Mundie’s Towing and Recovery has grown their fleet and expanded their towing capabilities.

As one of BC’s largest, well-equipped fleets, Mundie’s is proud to serve Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Delta for all towing needs. From small cars, buses, semis, to any kind of large equipment, Mundie’s offers expert transport services, prioritizing the safety of you and your vehicle. Contact Mundie’s today to get an estimate on your tow.