4 Reasons Why You Should Call a Towing Company for an Overturned Vehicle

Image of overturned vehicle on side of the road

An overturned vehicle is one of the worst scenarios for a driver. It’s scary, dangerous, and something no driver dreams of experiencing – in fact, it’s usually the scene of nightmares. Typically, a vehicle overturn is caused by speeding, a collision, or an attempt to avoid a collision. All of which can have life-threatening impacts. Not only can this cause physical injury or worst case, death, but it can be incredibly traumatizing for those who experience it. If you are stuck with an overturned vehicle, here is how you should handle the situation.

Don’t do this…

Never try to move the vehicle on your own. This is a common mistake many people make; however, it will likely only result in personal injury, further car damage, and poses a risk to others nearby. Rather than test your adrenaline, call a towing company, and find a safe place to wait for help.

Do this…

If you ever find your car stuck in an upside-down position, the first thing you should do is exit the vehicle. Should a malfunction occur with the vehicle, you don’t want to be too close. So, find a safe spot where you are visible to oncoming traffic while also being off the road to avoid getting hit. Aim for 10 to 20 feet of distance between you and the overturned vehicle.

Don’t do this…

To avoid an overturned vehicle in the first place, engage in a few simple driving precautions. For example, avoid making risky moves, stay in your lane, and don’t speed. We know you may be late to a meeting, event, or simply don’t have the patience for “slow” drivers on a given day. However, the seconds you gain from passing that driver going 95 km/hr in a 100-zone is simply not worth compromising your safety.

Do this….

After you have put a good and safe distance between yourself and the car, call a towing company for assistance. This ensures that help is on the way while you wait. Here are four benefits of calling a towing company for help when your car is overturned…

1. They know what they’re doing

Simply put: a tow truck company is full of professionals who know exactly how to handle an overturned vehicle safely and efficiently. As certified experts in their field, you can rely on their competency, diligence, and training to help you out of an overwhelming and dangerous situation. Not only do they know how to move it safely, but they can provide the assistance needed to take you and your vehicle to the right place. So, if you ever find yourself in a dire situation with an upside-down car, a tow truck company should be your first call.

2. They have the tools

While you may have some jumper cables and a wrench in your trunk, these are not the tools needed to execute a car flip. You may be tempted to DIY this situation with whatever resources you have on hand. However, this could worsen the situation and will likely be a waste of your time and efforts. Cars are heavy pieces of machinery and require heavy duty equipment to handle. When you call a towing company, they will come equipped with all the tools and materials needed to move an overturned vehicle safely.

3. They are fast

One of the biggest advantages of calling a tow truck company to assist with your overturned vehicle is their promptness. When you call a towing company, rest assured they will be at your location as quickly as possible. They have the means to reach the accident site quickly, therefore, minimizing the wait time and risk for you.

4. They know the tricks

While simple in theory, moving an overturned vehicle is not as easy as it looks. To move it safely, a checklist must be followed by an experienced and trained team. So, when you do call a tow truck company, make sure they are accredited like Mundie’s Towing & Recovery. So, you know they come with the tips and tricks needed to move an overturned vehicle safely to its destination.