Drive Safely with These Tips in Mind

Image of VW Beetle being towed

Are you looking for ways to stay safe on the road? We’re glad to hear it. As a towing company in Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, and beyond, we see many cases of collisions that could have been avoided with certain precautions in mind. While driving is a common, everyday skill that many people use, this can cause drivers to be overconfident in their abilities. Which in turn, could be fatal to them and others.

To keep you safe on the road, and out of the hands of our towing company, here are some simple ways you can be a safer driver:

1.    Take Responsibility

When you’re operating a vehicle – whether it’s a little Volkswagen Beetle or a massive heavy-duty tow truck, it’s your responsibility to do so intentionally. A small mistake while driving can lead to a massive disaster. This not only affects you, but other passengers, drivers, families, and friends as well. So, the first step in being a safer driver is understanding the weight of this privilege. While driving is a common skill, it’s not necessarily an easy one. Stay alert, stay focused, and stay grateful for the life you have and how it impacts the lives around you.

2.    Stay Alert

As we touched on before, when you’re an experienced driver, the act can grow mundane. In fact, many drivers report getting from A to B without even noting the journey in between. When you’re behind the wheel, try to stay aware of your surroundings. Notice other cars, keep an eye out for wildlife, and pay attention to the world around you. While it’s important you stay in touch with the asphalt ahead, noting your surroundings can keep you alert, focused, and prevent you from zoning out while driving.  

3.    Avoid Multitasking

When you’re driving, your mind and body should be focused on that and that alone. A common cause of accidents is when drivers try to do too much at once. They’re changing a song on the radio, texting their friend that they’re on their way, eating their lunch, or something else that’s deviating their focus away from the task at hand. This can have fatal consequences. For not just you, but for unsuspecting strangers, fellow passengers, and all the families and friends tied to them.

When you’re driving, keep your eyes glued to the road and your hands stuck on the wheel. This will keep you aware of your own actions while also alerting you of others’. For example, not every driver heeds the “no multitasking” rule of the road. Be smart in case others are less so. But rest assured, if you come across a driving mishap, our towing company is just a call away to help.

4.    Stay Calm and Drive On

Aggressive driving is never the answer. While it can be tempting to zigzag through traffic, wave your fists at irresponsible drivers, or yell curses as you pass by a slow driver cruising in the fast lane, resist the urge. Road rage can steal your focus from the road, leading to potential disasters.

In addition to that angry monkey on your back, aggressive driving is also a no-go. Aggressive driving practices include speeding, risky lane changes, foregoing signaling, tailgating, and anything else that compromises the comfort of you and fellow drivers. No matter the situation, do your best to stay calm and drive on. We understand you might be late for work or on your way to see a friend in need. While those may be your priority in the moment, your safety should be number one, always.

5.    Call a Reliable Towing Company in Burnaby

If you’re in a bind, we’ll be by your side. As a towing company that has spent many years serving the drivers of Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, Delta, Vancouver, and other nearby areas, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to assist you. From towing to emergency roadside assistance, you can rely on Mundie’s to help.